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  • A proposed mine in Alaska will endanger brown bears – and much more

    The world’s most productive salmon fishery and a stronghold for the state’s bears are under threat from an open-pit gold and copper mine Towering over the average human and weighing as much as a grand piano, the bears found in south-west Alaska are considered among the best in the world to observe as they pad around in a largely untouched wilderness of soaring mountains, pristine rivers and rocky beaches. About a third of Alaska’s 30,000 brown bears are found on the Alaska Peninsula, which...

    the Guardian
  • Search For Suzanne Morphew: Sheriff Says Search Warrant Is Sealed

    Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze stated that it is not unusual in these types of investigations to start at the home and extend outward.

  • Interdisciplinarity: How to Integrate Organic Search, Paid Search, and Content Teams

    Posted by HeatherPhysioc As an industry, we talk a good game about collaboration, but the truth is it’s not really happening the way we tell our clients and bosses it happens. We stroll into new business pitches and make big claims about how “integrated” we are. We preach that our recommendations are better because we have a more “holistic” offering. But whether it’s across agencies working on the same client, different teams working within the same agency, or different teams in-house on the...
  • COVID cases rising in Russia, Eastern Europe, waning in Western Europe

    New cases of COVID-19 reported daily are steadily declining in Western Europe, but not in hotspots in Russia and Eastern Europe, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday.