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  • The Madcap Scheme to Take Syria's Oil

    A retired Army intelligence officer, a successful Kurdish-American businessman, a former Syrian diplomat, and an eccentric entrepreneur from New Jersey met in January over food and drinks to discuss a vexing problem: what to do with Syria's oil. U.S. troops were guarding the largest oil field in eastern Syria, and in February 2018 they had fought a bloody battle with Russian mercenaries to keep it. But under U.S. sanctions law, no American could invest in or trade Syrian oil, leaving the black...
  • Trump visits US troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving

    In an unannounced visit to American troops, the US president says the "Taliban wants to make a deal".

    BBC News
  • The Troop Shuffle: How Trump Tripped Over His Own Syria Solution

    David Banks Security, Americas President Donald Trump has rapidly, and without warning to allies or even his own officials, shifted U.S. foreign policy in Syria. President Donald Trump’s decisions to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria – and then to send them back into action – has raised new concerns around the world about the reliability of U.S. promises. Since the beginning of Trump’s presidency, I and other foreign policy scholars have worried that Trump’s tendencies toward hyperbole,...

    The National Interest