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  • New Jersey law brings new child sex abuse suits against Catholic Church

    A new law that lifts the statute of limitations for adult survivors of child sex abuse in New Jersey went into effect Sunday — opening the floodgates for lawsuits against powerful institutions and predators. Some of the first cases filed Monday include three suits against the Catholic Church that allege the religious institution knowingly hired

    New York Post
  • iOS 13.3 brings bug fixes and a new security feature, but does it bring new bugs

    iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 landed last night, and as well as bringing with them a whole array of bug fixes, but also a new security feature to help protect users from attacks.

  • Michael Blake’s apparent fraud is new test for New York’s ethics watchdogs

    It looks like Crain’s New York might’ve just caught Assemblyman Michael Blake robbing the taxpayers. Now let’s see what the state’s various ethics watchdogs (watch-Chihuahuas?) do about it. State legislators are entitled to per-diem payments to cover expenses in Albany, as well as travel reimbursements. But — spoiler alert! — they can only collect for

    New York Post
  • Rulantica, Europa-Park’s new indoor water world

    In Germany’s Black Forest, the country’s largest theme park is making a splash with a vast indoor complex of 17 water slides, plus a ‘mythical’ island, ‘rivers’ and ‘caves’ open year-round I’m ushered into what looks like an upright glass coffin, told to fold my hands across my chest in the classic corpse position – and then push a green button. I’m wondering exactly what I’ve got myself into when the trapdoor falls open and I plummet into a tube of fast-flowing water. It’s up my nose, in my...

    the Guardian