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  • Trump has crippled his campaign’s outreach to a critical voting bloc it was counting on: report

    The job of getting Donald Trump re-elected in November became harder this week after the president issued an order restricting engineers, computer programmers and high-skilled workers from other countries from entering the U.S. to work in a move that infuriated Indian Americans. According to Politico, the president’s campaign staff has been courting the Indian American [
  • Trump’s re-election plan keeps hitting a major obstacle: John Roberts

    Take heart, Democrats: 2020 is not 2016. No, the polls aren’t necessarily reliable on a national scale, and it’s too early to predict what happens on Election Day with any accuracy. But they don’t need to be unskewed. Donald Trump’s campaign is clearly floundering in a way it never did through three separate campaign managers [
  • New York’s messy primary shows November could be national vote-count nightmare

    New York’s primary Tuesday was plagued with more errors than usual — and it presages a national mess in November. Some 1.7 million voters requested absentee ballots — including 750,000 in the city. But many voters say they never got that ballot — or not in time to actually vote by mail. And how many

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