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  • Nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas, is on the rise: study

    Most of us know nitrous oxide as "laughing gas," used for its anaesthetic effects. But nitrous oxide (N2O) is actually the third most important long-lived greenhouse gas, after carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane. Nitrous oxide is also one of the main stratospheric ozone depleting substances— and we are releasing more of it into the atmosphere than previously thought, according to a new study published this week in Nature Climate Change.
  • 2010s hottest decade in history, UN says as emissions rise again

    This decade is set to be the hottest in history, the United Nations said Tuesday in an annual assessment outlining the ways in which climate change is outpacing humanity's ability to adapt to it.
  • Indo-Pacific Ocean warming is changing global rainfall patterns

    New research by NOAA and a visiting scientist from India shows that warming of the Indo-Pacific Ocean is altering rainfall patterns from the tropics to the United States, contributing to declines in rainfall on the United States west and east coasts.
  • California rules set lower emissions for state vehicle fleet

    California is setting new rules for its state vehicle fleet to reduce pollution and reward automakers that are siding with the state against the Trump administration

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