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  • 'No One Believes Anything': Voters Worn Out by Fog of Political News...

    Paying attention to the impeachment inquiry and other developments means having to figure out what is true, false or spin. Many Americans are throwing up their hands and tuning it all out.
  • Here's Why More Voters Are Going To The Polls

    Star Parker Politics, Americas Trump. American voters are motivated by a fever pitch. That’s the message from last week’s elections. The headlines were the Democratic sweep of the state legislature in Virginia that put the entire state government under Democrat control for the first time in 25 years and the defeat of incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Bevin in Kentucky. An important part of the story is that voter turnout was off the charts. In Kentucky, an estimated 43% of eligible voters turned...

    The National Interest
  • Telemundo Passes Off Bank Commercial As a News Story

    Good news is always welcome, especially when our own pockets are concerned. However, a recent Telemundo report about remittances from the United States to Mexico went overboard in plugging a Spanish bank with a subsidiary in Mexico.

  • Poll: Majority of Wisconsin Voters Oppose Impeachment

    A majority of registered voters in Wisconsin oppose the impeachment and removal from office of President Trump according to a poll released by Marquette University Law School Poll on Wednesday.

  • Telemundo Whitewashes Study Targeting Latina Voters

    The true intentions behind a Telemundo story on how Latinas are “harnessing power and influence” in the nation rise to the surface like a dead fish- to wit: aligning this up and coming, powerful demographic with the left-leaning “influencer” agenda at Comcast NBC Universal.

  • Poll: 51 percent of Florida voters disapprove of Trump

    About half of voters in Florida disapprove of President Trump, posing a 2020 challenge for the president as he seeks to notch back-to-back electoral victories in the battleground state.

  • Venetians shun poll on whether to break away from mainland

    Venetians have shunned en masse the fifth vote in 40 years on whether to choose autonomy from the mainland city of Mestre, which would allow the city to take issues around rising seas and the negative effects of tourism into their own hands.

    The Telegraph