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  • The Best Books and Movies About Americans in Europe (to Replace the Trip to Europe You Can’t Go On This Year)

    Daniel Riley's new novel Barcelona Days joins the long tradition of books and movies about Americans in Europe. Here, he shares a few of the classics.

  • Why Americans shouldn't be surprised that Europe is blocking them

    The EU unveiled a list of countries whose residents can start traveling into Europe in July. The U.S. is not one of them — and for good reason.

  • Why the UK is the sick man of Europe again

    British neoliberalism, social inequality and arrogance have left us trailing in Germany’s wake in the fight against coronavirus, argue John Green and Glyn Turton, while Jinty Nelson says the UK has been losing ground in other areas for years Martin Kettle is absolutely right in his comparison between Germany’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and that of the UK (On different planets: how Germany tackled the pandemic, and Britain flailed, 24 June). But one big factor is the fact that Germany is...

    the Guardian
  • Bailout-Or-Bust For Europe's Airlines

    Bailout-Or-Bust For Europe's Airlines Tyler Durden Sat, 06/27/2020 - 08:45 European airline carriers secured billions worth of government support since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. You will find more infographics at Statista Germany's Lufthansa, the world's fourth largest airline, received a nine billion euros lifeline, the biggest German corporate rescue caused by COVID-19 so far. This was no exception. On June 26, for example, the Netherlands announced...

    Zero Hedge
  • What open relationships offer that monogamy doesn't

    I don't want my relationship with my partner to have to conform to the rules of outdated heteronormative ideas.

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  • Musicians Offer Keys To The Times

    Paul Bryant Hudson’s “John” begins with a flourish of acoustic guitar, quickly buoyed by a cushion of organ and voices, a wash of percussion.John by Paul Bryant HudsonThen the beat drops, like a hammer. The intention is clear. “I was born with it / In my hand like / Like a hammer / Like a hammer in my hand / Driving dreams deep below / The crust and the mantle / Til’ they explode,” Hudson sings. “C’mon, John / C’mon John.”

    New Haven Independent
  • Why Some Statues in Europe Should Be Torn Down (And Others Shouldn't)

    Monuments to fascists and King Leopold II are one thing. But why are the Brits coming for Winston Churchill? The post Why Some Statues in Europe Should Be Torn Down (And Others Shouldn’t) appeared first on The American Conservative.

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