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  • Can Asia end its uncontrolled consumption of wildlife? Here's how North America did it a century ago

    It was a dark time for animals. Poaching was rampant. Wild birds and mammals were being slaughtered by the thousands. An out-of-control wildlife trade was making once-common animals hard to find and pushing rare species into extinction.
  • China vs. America: A Submarine Showdown in the South China Sea?

    Kris Osborn Security, Americas The United States has been continuing Chinese sub-hunting patrols with its Poseidon P-8 surveillance plane in the South China Sea area. Rival U.S. and Chinese sub-hunting surveillance assets continue to track one another in the South China Sea as part of an ongoing competition to both gain intelligence about the other and, ideally, establish some kind of maritime superiority in the South China Sea in light of ongoing tensions. The Chinese have been operating...

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  • America Might Spend Big Time to Deter China in South China Sea and over Taiwan

    Kris Osborn Security, Americas Proposed legislation would fund a “permanent and persistent land-based integrated air and missile defense and associated weapons delivery system on Guam.” What kind of impact would land-based air defenses, increased intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) operations and more bomber patrols have upon U.S. deterrence efforts in the Pacific theater? Is this question taking on additional relevance and urgency in light of Chinese maneuvers near Taiwan and the...

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  • ‘China beats him every time’: Lincoln Project up with new Trump attack ad about president’s failures against China

    President Donald Trump’s campaign is out with an ad attacking Vice President Joe Biden on China. But after national security adviser John Bolton came out with excerpts of his latest book, Trump’s message on China might be faltering. In a new ad, the Republican-run Lincoln Project made a video of all of Trump’s failures when [
  • How Can We Coexist with Asia's Communists?

    If Trump was relying on his special relationships with Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping he's going to have to think again. The post How Can We Coexist with Asia’s Communists? appeared first on The American Conservative.

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  • The looming China-America split and other commentary

    From the left: The Looming China-America Split For years, China and the United States were in “a period of unconscious economic coupling,” but no more, observes The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman. The two are now headed for “divorce” — and China’s “overreach” is largely to blame: Under President Xi Jinping, the country has persecuted

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  • China and America Are Heading Toward Divorce

    For 40 years the two countries had an unconscious economic coupling.