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  • China Thinks Its Stealth Fighters Can Beat the F-35

    Michael Peck Security, Are they right?  Key Point: American stealth fighters might be compromised. It’s not surprising that China claims that its J-20 stealth fighter is superior to the U.S. F-22 and F-35.  All nations like to claim their weapons are better than those of their adversaries (and if they don’t, it’s because they want more money for the defense budget). But a Chinese defense magazine has gone a step further by describing how Chinese experts view the J-20 as superior to American...

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  • World War III Question: Could America Beat Both China and Russia in a Conflict?

    Robert Farley Security, Americas Let's hope we never find out. Key point: Washington is strong enough that a war against both rival powers is unlikely. The United States discarded its oft-misunderstood “two war” doctrine, intended as a template for providing the means to fight two regional wars simultaneously, late last decade. Designed to deter North Korea from launching a war while the United States was involved in fighting against Iran or Iraq (or vice versa,) the idea helped give form to...

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  • Here's how the US can beat China in the race for dominance in next generation networks

    "Even as China rolls out 5G a little faster, the U.S. will eventually roll out 5G in enough breadth and scope that U.S. will be able to innovate on top of it," according to one Eurasia Group analyst.

  • China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Can't Beat The F-35, But It Can Shoot Farther

    Mark Episkopos Security, Asia How important is missile range? Key point: Stealth vs. range. Who wins? The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force made waves at the 2018 Zhuhai Airshow with the latest showing of their flagship fifth-generation stealth fighter, the J-20. As is common with airshow coverage, large swaths of the ensuing commentary focused on the J-20’s handling and maneuverability as it performed a series of rolls and a climb. But this elides what is perhaps the most significant...

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  • Missile Race: Does America or China Dominate the South China Sea?

    David Axe Security, Asia Here's how they compare. Key point: In an actual war, both Washington and Beijing would employ their conventional missile arsenals to sink each other's ships. The Chinese military lobbed anti-ship ballistic missiles into the South China Sea in tests in early July 2019. The missile trials underscored Beijing’s increasing militarization of resource-rich waters on which several countries have conflicting claims. “The Chinese carried out the first test over the weekend,...

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  • Could China and America Fight a War in the South China Sea? Here's Three Ways How

    Robert Farley Security, Asia It's not as far-fetched as you think. Key Point: Neither side wants war, but China's behavior—and America's response—makes it possible to fight on accident. It’s easy to imagine an even more serious confrontation in the SCS.  Another accidental collision would be bad enough, but if a scenario developed similar to that of the downing of KAL 007, with a Chinese fighter jock actually opening fire on an American plane, the situation could get ugly very quickly.  And if...

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  • The Soviet Union Can Tell Us How China Will Respond In The South China Sea

    Lyle J. Goldstein Security, Asia Let's hope it doesn't come to war. Key point (This article appeared several years ago and is being reposted due to reader interest): It would be a mistake to assume that the Chinese will certainly mimic Soviet responses to American FoN operations. The “sail by” of USS Lassen within the 12 nautical mile claim line of the new Chinese facilities on Subi reef in the South China Sea occurred without major incident last week. Despite some fiery Chinese rhetoric, war...

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