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  • Traditional 'foreign policy' no longer exists. Democrats are the last to know

    Progressives need a new doctrine, championing the interests of the global 99% against a transnational oligarchy There are few phrases as fundamental to US politics as foreign policy. It shapes the balance of power between branches of government. It separates a special class of public servants. And it commands sober respect from both sides of the partisan aisle. Indeed, in American politics, “foreign policy” is a phrase used so unthinkingly that it may be strange to point out what it really is: a...

    the Guardian
  • Democratic unity matters more than any one Democratic candidate

    We have entered a stage of the election cycle in which the Democrats are pushing and shoving, trying to make themselves stand apart from the rest. Up to now, this has been natural, healthy, and even productive. “Policy entrepreneurship,” by which candidates expand policy views to grow new “policy markets,” is a good thing mostly. [
  • What is a progressive foreign policy and how does it work?

    Foreign Relations member, Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., discusses his new Atlantic article on a progressive foreign policy.
  • Who Is Making US Foreign Policy?

    Stephen F. Cohen An anti-neocon president appears to have been surrounded by neocons in his own administration. The post Who Is Making US Foreign Policy? appeared first on The Nation.

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