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  • AT&T drops 5G Evolution branding

    AT&T bowed to pressure from advertising watchdogs around branding its LTE-A network as 5G Evolution,

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  • Huawei claims breakthrough in 5G antenna technology

    Earlier last month, conspiracy theories claiming that 5G technology could be a cause for the spread of the Covid-19 virus caused law and order issues in parts of Europe, an event that was condemned by the scientific community.

  • AT&T says it will drop '5G Evolution' branding after backlash

    AT&T has insisted on labeling its upgraded LTE network as “5G Evolution” despite criticism (including from Engadget parent company Verizon), but it’s changing its tune now that it’s facing greater industry pressure. The carrier told Engadget that

  • $350 USB stick claiming to block 5G is just a cheap thumbdrive

    A $350 USB device claiming to block 5G radio signals is just a cheap unbranded thumbdrive, report security researchers. The makers of the “5GBioShield” claim their USB stick can block electrical waves through a “proprietary holographic nano-layer catalyst” technology. It purportedly does this by “balancing” all the existing radiations around you to create a protective bubble 8 meters in diameter, even when the USB drive is unplugged. The website for the product goes on to make dubious...

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