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  • PLDT provides 5G technology

    PLDT, through its wireless arm Smart Communications Inc., is set to use 5G technology for the digital broadcast of the upcoming Southeast Asian Games in preparation for the further roll-out of the said technology in the country. by Catherine Talavera
  • The FCC must fast track 5G technology

    “Impeachment!” may blare from headlines and lead cable news shows, but there is another matter of far-reaching importance that should interest every American who uses technology to communicate. It is a matter that affects millions of jobs, trillions of dollars and the national security of our nation. Yet, it languishes;

    The Washington Times
  • Amazon just partnered with Verizon to improve 5G speeds

    Amazon Web Services is using 5G networks to help its customers download data from the cloud faster.

  • T-Mobile Just Turned on Its Nationwide 5G Network

    As carriers like Verizon and AT&T have spent the past year lighting up individual cities with limited 5G every couple of months, T-Mobile has taken a different approach by holding off until today, where they’ve gone ahead and fired up a nationwide 5G network. That’s right, folks, T-Mobile is likely serving 5G in your neighborhood

    Droid Life
  • Could 5G Technology Disrupt Ability To Predict Severe Storms?

    CBS4 Meteorologist Dave Aguilera found out 5G small cell towers could hurt the ability of weather professionals to warn us about severe storms.

  • How A Dangerous Court Ruling Could Give China The Lead In 5G Technology

    Loren Thompson Technology, Asia And permanently impair U.S. security. Despite a chronic trade deficit in advanced technology products, the United States remains a global trendsetter for networking and telecommunications. U.S. companies are currently in a battle with Chinese state-influenced enterprises like Huawei that will determine whether American dominance continues into the era of 5G communications.  5G is the next big leap in mobile networking, a cluster of technologies that will deliver...

    The National Interest
  • How America can still win the race to 5G wireless technology

    The Federal Communications Commission has thrown a curve ball into the global race for deployment of 5G — the much-anticipated fifth generation of cellular and wireless technology. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced his support for a government-run auction of an underutilized 500 megahertz space on the electronic spectrum that

    The Washington Times