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  • I'm a Truck Guy Now

    I have a problem, which is that I have recently become a truck guy. This was not really a logical extension of any choice I’ve made up to this point in my life: I live in a large metropolitan area with a vast, if criminally mismanaged, public transit system. I didn’t drive as a teenager, and I’ve lived in several cities more car-friendly than this one without ever owning a vehicle myself. I don’t objectively believe idiots like me should be allowed to clog up city streets and pump harmful...

  • Roger Stone, Well-Tailored Visionary

    No, GQ, he isn't adopting the wardrobe of the 'far right.' Though his working-class politics is here to stay. The post Roger Stone, Well-Tailored Visionary appeared first on The American Conservative.

    The American Conservative
  • It's Official: The United States Is Now A Banana Republic

    It's Official: The United States Is Now A Banana Republic In some ways, we sympathize with Neel Kashkari's concern about the unprecedented wealth inequality that has emerged in the US in recent years and which has resulted in a slow, methodical and relentless destruction of the US middle class

    Zero Hedge
  • Swedish Police Now Deploying Drones to Monitor Crime

    Immigration turning Sweden into multicultural dystopia