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  • More than half of UK workers want to find a new job, survey finds

    Number of employees unhappy at work increased 10 per cent last year, poll of 12,000 people finds

    The Independent
  • Where to find the No Swimming signs

    A bunch of new Overtime Challenges have been added in Fortnite and this time, you’re sticking it to the man and swimming in no-swim zones. In this challenge, you’ll need to find different No Swimming signs and have a swim around the various ponds and lakes all over the Fortnite map. These signs aren’t too

  • Where to find the hidden gnomes

    The next season of Fortnite is still a few weeks away, but there are lots of new challenges for you to complete in the meantime. For this challenge, you’ll need to find some cheeky wee gnomes hidden around the map. There are two to find so far, but they’re quite easy to spot if you