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  • He Watched World War II Through a Sherman Tank. This Is What He Saw.

    Warfare History Network History, Europe And what a view it was. Key Point: Irving Bromberg fought from North Africa to Sicily to Normandy to the heart of Germany behind the gun of a Sherman tank. Private First Class Irving Bromberg saw a huge puff of smoke erupt from the German tank’s cannon muzzle as it headed straight for his M4 Sherman tank. The round streaked past and missed. Bromberg sat next to the driver in the bow gunner’s seat manning a .30-caliber machine gun. His turret gunner fired...

    The National Interest
  • A World With a Billion Cameras Watching You Is Just Around the Corner

    As governments and companies invest more in security networks, hundreds of millions more surveillance cameras will be watching the world in 2021, mostly in China, according to a new report.

  • Trump says world 'has to be watching' the violence in Iran

    LONDON (AP) "President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he supports the demonstrations in Iran and urged the world to watch the Iranian government's violent effort to quash protests that he says have killed 'thousands of people.'Speaking in London, where he is attending the NATO leaders summit, Trump said, 'Iran is killing thousands and thousands of people right now as we speak."He added they were killed 'for the mere fact that they're protesting,' and he called it a [

    The Palm Beach Post
  • Iran is brutally suppressing popular dissent. The world is watching.

    Saudia Arabia has garnered more attention, but Iran is equally ruthless.

    Washington Post
  • The TV shows to watch this week: From Chris Tarrant to War of the Worlds

    If poverty-stricken Britain is not your idea of TV entertainment, Sean O'Grady finds plenty of escapism in the shape of Martian invasions, Viennese whirls and Transylvanian rail journeys

    The Independent
  • Hockey world watching as NHL deals with fallout over racism scandals

    The National Hockey League (NHL) has been rocked by two high-profile racism scandals in recent weeks, and while it has condemned both incidents, experts agree it needs to take a dynamic approach and tackle the issue head on.

  • Can the radical left win power in the UK? The world is watching

    This political moment began in Spain, Greece and the Occupy movements. A Labour victory would resonate globally From this point in the coverage of an election, everything shrinks into minutiae. Whose campaign bus is hurtling into what marginal? Which niche of voters is being wooed by the small print on that policy? Whose poll lead is getting squeezed? What fun it is to play trivial pursuits! Yet it jars a little in this election, because this one bears such significance. Not just for the next...

    the Guardian