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  • China announces decision to "set up institutions" in Hong Kong in order to "prevent, curb and punish foreign countries and foreign forces using Hong Kong to [...] sabotage the unity and sovereignty of China"

    請廣傳!【Draft of National Security Law from Nation

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  • The Reconstruction of Brazilian Foreign Policy

    Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Aloysio Nunes Ferreira, Celso Amorim, Celso Lafer, Francisco Rezek, José Serra, Rubens Ricupero, Hussein Kalout Politics, Latin America Reconstructing Brazilian foreign policy is urgent and indispensable. By leaving behind this shameful page of subservience and irrationality, let us once again place at the center of diplomatic action the defense of our independence, sovereignty, dignity, and national interests. Let us embody once more all the values, including...

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  • "This President" v. "The Presidency"

    On the eve of oral arguments in Trump v. Hawaii, reporter Robert Barnes aptly summarized the case in a pithy headline for the Washington Post: "In travel ban case, Supreme Court considers 'the president' vs. 'this president.'" The Court chose the former. "[W]e must consider not only the statements of a particular President," Chief Justice Roberts explained, "but also the authority of the Presidency itself." Shortly after the case was decided, I asked how the Court would treat "this President" as...
  • What Will Progressives Demand From Biden on Foreign Policy?

    Matthew Petti Politics, Americas A new letter published on Monday lays out their top priorities. A group of fifty-one organizations led by Demand Progress sent a letter on Monday listing “key” foreign policy priorities of the progressive movement for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Biden had defeated insurgent progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the Democratic presidential primaries, but has signaled that he wants to incorporate some of Sanders’s demands into his own...

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