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  • What’s Canada’s true coronavirus death toll? Here’s why it’s hard to say

    Do more Canadians die of the novel coronavirus than official numbers show? StatCan tried to answer the question, but missing provincial data makes it hard.

    Global News
  • Biden says he’s not ‘hidin,’ defends virtual campaign strategy

    Pushing back against criticism that he’s hiding in the basement of his home in Delaware during the coronavirus pandemic, former Vice President Joe Biden emphasized on Tuesday that he’s “following the guidelines” by campaigning online and argued that he’s “winning” right now in his general election faceoff with President Trump.

    Fox News
  • It Was About Time: Judge Throws Out Bonkers, Far-Left Lawsuit Against Fox News

    On Wednesday, Washington state Superior Court Judge Brian McDonald granted Fox News’s motion to dismiss the farcical pipe-dream of a lawsuit by the far-left WASHLITE claiming First Amendment rights don’t apply to the cable network. Why? According to WASHLITE, their early coverage of the coronavirus pandemic was deadly irresponsible. On the ruling’s last page, McDonald threw WASHLITE a bone in asserting the public should have “accurate information about the coronavirus and COVID-19,” but they...