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  • We need leadership, not symbolism and political theater

    One of the interesting side stories of 2020 has been the recent explosion (no pun intended) of illegal fireworks in cities. The uptick in illicit incendiaries is a side effect of pandemic life drudgery, so it’s unsurprising that New York, hardest hit by the coronavirus and the resulting lockdown, has produced more than 24,000 complaints and some spectacular footage. Although they pose obvious safety risks, illegal fireworks are a nuisance, not a serious issue. Thus, the recently announced...

    Washington Examiner
  • The political theater of Kayleigh McEnany's scripted walk-offs

    Kayleigh McEnany's press briefings don't just draw to a close. They tend to end with a flourish - a true walk-off moment. It happened again at the White House on Monday. President Donald Trump's press secretary was speaking to reporters when one asked about his denial of reports that Russian operatives offered bounties to Taliban members who kill American troops in Afghanistan. But, a reporter noted, Trump had also claimed that he had never been briefed on the subject - so how could he be...

  • Devin Nunes loses legal battle with fictional cow

    U.S. Representaive Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) has lost his legal battle to unmask a fictional cow on Twitter. Though the case made news of Nunes' narcissism, it was months before a judge could bring an end to his thin-skinned legal shenanigans. It was an exercise in censorship, in chilling criticism with the expensive prospect of defending even absurd lawsuits. An interesting wrinkle: as the lawsuit suit named Twitter, its Section 230 immunity to defamation claims was how it rid itself of...

    Boing Boing
  • Devin Nunes Loses Legal Battle With Twitter Cow

    Fake moos.