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  • Newspaper 'hierarchy' of injury glamorises war

    British newspapers are routinely glamorising combat by creating a moral separation between combat and non-combat injuries, according to new research published in the journal Media, War and Conflict.
  • Hayes: 'The fundamental crime here is not against the Ukrainians... the injury is to the US'

    Chris Hayes and the panel discuss how President Trump's use of Ukraine's vulnerability as leverage ultimately hurt U.S. interests - in particular, the ability to have elections free of foreign interference in 2020.
  • Netanyahu calls for sanctions over ICC war crimes investigation

    Israeli PM condemns ‘travesty’ after court said it intended to look at alleged incidents Benjamin Netanyahu has called for sanctions against the international criminal court and people who work for it, a month after its chief prosecutor announced she intended to investigate alleged Israeli war crimes. “I think that everybody should rise up against this,” the Israeli prime minister said in an interview with Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest Christian television network. Continue...

    the Guardian
  • Kosovo president hurt by 'amnesty' on Serbia crimes in war

    Kosovo’s president has denounced what he called an “international amnesty” for Serbia’s crimes in the 1998-1999 war

    ABC News