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  • Apple Silicon Mac mini dev kit looks like a desktop iPad Pro

    To support the Apple Silicon Macs shipping by the end of 2020, the company is sending developers a transition kit to help them prepare code to run on the new architecture. The new box effectively shoehorns an upgraded iPad Pro into a Mac mini box. Here's why.

  • Fox News is desperately trying to make Seattle's Autonomous Zone look like The Purge

    Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (or CHAZ) is not a very threatening place, but that hasn’t stopped Fox News from doing its very best to try to make the protester-controlled area seem like a violent wasteland. Last Friday, the network was caught poorly Photoshopping an image to make CHAZ look more frightening

  • It looks like the UK caved and will use Apple and Google's technology for its contact-tracing app after months of floundering

    NHSX The UK is to adopt Google and Apple's technology for its coronavirus contact-tracing app after several months of trying to pursue its own course, the BBC reports. The UK has avoided basing its contact-tracing app on the tech giants' software, because it wanted to pursue a more "centralized" approach that gave it greater access to people's data. However, sources highlighted a number of technical issues that faced the UK app, such as getting its underlying Bluetooth mechanism working...

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