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  • Peter Bart: Hollywood’s New Leaders Face Challenge Of Creating New Brands, New Channels And New Audiences

    His credentials seemed impeccable. He was 60, a Yale graduate, a former studio chief, a gifted dealmaker and now a newly named company president. But there were a few clouds: He was also a convicted embezzler, a compulsive gambler and his Yale degree was bogus. This was 1981 and David Begelman, the new boss of [

  • Sweden Tries Out a New Status: Pariah State

    Fearing the country’s lax approach to combating the coronavirus, Sweden’s Scandinavian neighbors have all closed their borders to Swedes.
  • I tried Poco, MysteryVibe's new smart, bendable vibrator

    Poco from MysteryVibe $89.99 View Product The Good Its compact shape is good for novices • Good for travel • Water resistant • so you can use it in the shower • 16 settings • for those who like variety The Bad Vibration isn't ultra powerful • Its small size limits the usefulness of its bendable shape • The vibration patterns can be distracting The Bottom Line This smart bendable bullet vibrator has similar pitfalls to other Bluetooth sex toys, and that's more the fault of the...