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  • No Hitler, No World War II? (He Almost Died During World War I)

    Sebastien Roblin History, Europe Millions of lives could have been saved. Key point: The rise of fascism and the war were tied to larger historical currents, but the Nazi Party owed a lot to Hitler himself. Legend has it that on September 28, 1918, a wounded Private Adolf Hitler lay in the sights of Henry Tandey, a British soldier who would receive the Victoria Cross for his daring actions in engagement in Marcoing, France. Tandey supposedly took pity on the limping German soldier, who nodded...

    The National Interest
  • 'A World Series Is a World Series,' Even with an Asterisk

    Walker Buehler got engaged during the pandemic-caused spring shutdown, and with his two future brothers-in-law, he spent time building three decks at their ol' Kentucky homes. One each, at his house and theirs

    Bleacher Report
  • Yakuza games in order: by release date, in chronological order and ranked

    Sega’s Yakuza games are packed with brutal action and some of the best-storytelling in video games – here’s what you need to know.