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  • 'Trump 2024: The World After Trump' warns of 'end-time world government of the anti-Christ'

    Evangelical and social conservative supporters of President Trump are producing a film warning of a "one world government" based on socialism, the rise of the anti-Christ and other end-times calamities if Mr. Trump is not reelected in November. "Trump 2024: The World After Trump" features interviews with a diverse group

    The Washington Times
  • Biden and Trump Are Fighting Each Other in a Changed World

    Neither man anticipated the leftward tilt of the electorate in 2020.
  • Trump World boils over as campaign hits skids

    President Trump’s allies are urging him to change his tone and key figures in the campaign’s orbit are pointing fingers over who is to blame for the president’s spiraling poll numbers with just over four months to go until Election Day.

  • Fauci disagrees with Trump on World Health Organization

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, indirectly parted ways with President Donald Trump on Thursday when he defended the World Health Organization (WHO). “The WHO is an imperfect organization. It certainly has made some missteps but it has also done a lot of good,” Fauci told Rosemary Barton [
  • The gap between Trump's world and reality is widening. It's disturbing to watch

    In Greek mythology, Cerberus – angry and snarling – stood at the gates to hell. Trump and his inner circle are our Cerberus Given how busy most Americans are these days – home-schooling their kids, dealing with unemployment, waiting on line at food banks, protesting systemic racism, worrying about our economy and our educational system – few of us have the time, the energy or inclination to wonder what it’s like to be Donald Trump, to imagine how his mind works, what he really thinks and...

    the Guardian
  • World joins US protests but leaders restrained about Trump

    People have taken to the streets of Berlin, London, Paris and other cities around the world to demonstrate in support of Black Lives Matter protesters in the United States.

  • World joins US protests but leaders restrained about Trump

    the leaders of traditional allies of the United States have taken pains to avoid criticizing Trump directly, walking a fine line to reconcile international diplomacy with domestic outrage.