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  • "This President" v. "The Presidency"

    On the eve of oral arguments in Trump v. Hawaii, reporter Robert Barnes aptly summarized the case in a pithy headline for the Washington Post: "In travel ban case, Supreme Court considers 'the president' vs. 'this president.'" The Court chose the former. "[W]e must consider not only the statements of a particular President," Chief Justice Roberts explained, "but also the authority of the Presidency itself." Shortly after the case was decided, I asked how the Court would treat "this President" as...
  • Syrian War Crimes Trial Resumes In Germany

    A former Syrian intelligence officer faces war crimes charges in a landmark trial underway in Germany. He's charged with thousands of counts of torture that allegedly took place at a prison he ran.
  • U.N. warns of possible war crimes in northeastern Congo

    Widespread and systematic killings, beheadings, rape and other barbaric acts by militia mostly from the ethnic Lendu community in northeastern Congo may constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes, the United Nations said on Wednesday.