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  • A family-run small business in the Bay Area got its PPP loan after Business Insider dug into their case. Tens of thousands are still waiting.

    Provided Last month, Business Insider's reporting helped a small Bay Area family business get approved for a federal loan through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).  But nearly two months after the program was launched to help struggling small businesses during the coronavirus outbreak, tens of thousands are still waiting to get funds. Those who received PPP funding also say there are too many rules on how to spend the money. Shady Elzarka, whose family secured a PPP loan after our...

    Business Insider
  • It's tough out there. But some small businesses have prospered

    Cleaning firms, puzzle companies and marijuana dispensaries are just some of the small businesses that have seen surging sales How about a little good news? Countless companies are facing terrible circumstances as a result of the downturn. Many may never return. But, as the saying goes, one person’s problem is another person’s opportunity. So even though the economy has been devastated, millions have become unemployed and countless small businesses are facing ruin, others have prospered. ...

    the Guardian
  • Should I Return My Small-Business Loan?

    It's a good question. And with the SBA PPP deadline looming, we sought out an expert to answer it.