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  • Suicide Squad’s relaunch pairs deadly thrills with sharp political commentary

    Suicide Squad endures as a superhero concept because it’s built on internal conflict: between members of the titular team and the authority figures forcing them to work together. There are layers upon layers of character dynamics to explore as supervillains butt heads with their ethically dubious handlers bearing

  • Food Waste Workshop Aims For Zero Waste Among Denver Residents

    A workshop is designed to help keep food waste to a minimum while teaching Denver residents how to save money. The Food Waste Reduction Workshop was presented at the Wellington Webb Municipal Building on Tuesday.

  • Cockpit politics

    Who would have imagined that ownership of a cockpit or sabungan in today’s modern world, would become an actual model to learn about crowd funding, shares and share appreciation as well as how hostile takeovers can be done through local politics? by Cito Beltran
  • Week In Politics

    We'll take a look at what's next in President Trump's impeachment trial and the how the early Democratic primaries and caucuses are shaking out.
  • The war on waste pickers

    The man in the tattered shirt, biceps bulging as he pulls an enormous bag of waste behind him on a trolley. The blaring horns as cars slide by, annoyed at the intrusion in their lane. The furtive WhatsApp messages on community channels, "Are these waste pickers dangerous? I don't like them digging through my trash
  • Crisis as Political Catalyst

    The Democratic presidential candidate must be able to respond to any situation.
  • What Happens Next With Russia's Politics

    Russia has a new government! Well, technically. Very technically. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a number of constitutional changes that will be put to the Russian people in a referendum, leading the government of Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev to resign en masse so as to “give the president of our country the chance to make