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  • Nexstar announces new hard news evening show News Nation to air on WGN America

    The newscast will be based out of a new, WGN-TV Chicago newsroom but will also draw on the Nexstar's vast network of regional and local news outlets.

    Mail Online
  • New England Needs Some Red Sox Good News

    The post Christmas sports hangover, here in New England, yesterday took on an unprecedented ugly turn with a 27-24 Patriots loss to the previous 4-11 Miami Dolphins. Time for the Red Sox to step up and end the year on a positive note, which is a possibility.

  • Good News: The Army's New Battery Packs Won't Blow up When Shot At

    Warrior Maven Technology, Americas It's a big improvement. (Washington, D.C.) Soldiers are taking enemy fire in 120-degree desert heat, carrying up to 100-pounds of gear and conducting attack operations at night are totally reliant upon battery-powered weapons, sensors and computers -- a potential scenario inspiring current Army Research Laboratory work to engineer longer-lasting, more-stable and, of critical live-saving significance, less flammable Lithium-ion batteries. Current Lithium-ion...

    The National Interest
  • Fox News hosts argue over whether Trump's impeachment is a "good thing"

    Panelists on Tuesday's edition of Fox News' 'Outnumbered' clashed over the long term impact of President Donald Trump's irreversible House impeachment.