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  • This Is How Fake News Spreads

    Newsweek's retraction of a story containing "fake news" about conservative Dennis Prager's comments on Anne Frank hasn't led to corrections on other sites.

    The Daily Signal
  • Fake vs. real history

    Fake history is a lot like fake news -- left-leaning propaganda devoid of truth and substance. Wednesday’s impeachment display was truly one for the fake history books. Defying the narrative of a somber undertaking, cheery pink suit and all, Ho

  • Volcanic fake news and hacks

    After the flurry of volcanic ash from Taal Volcano, what followed next was a flurry of advise from well meaning people whose good intentions ended up as “volcanic fake news” and stranger than strange hacks. Some found it amusing, but those in the know or whose business it was, found some of the comments about ashfall utterly ridiculous.