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  • Could Donald Trump Use the State of the Union Speech To Change Course on North Korea?

    Jessica Lee Security, Asia Eighteen months after the Singapore Declaration, North Korea and the United States are at a crossroads. North Korea has shown that it remains willing -- however hesitantly -- to change its behavior commensurate to the United States changing its stance. Now more than ever before, U.S. leaders must show that the United States will choose the path of dialogue and diplomacy with North Korea. North Korea did not launch a long-range missile over Christmas or New Year’s...

    The National Interest
  • Is North Korea's Air Force a "Kamikaze' Force?

    TNI Staff Security, Asia Their older planes just became a lot more intimidating. Key Point: Are North Korean pilots as fanatical as their Japanese counterparts in World War II? North Korea’s Korean People's Army Air Force (KPAAF)—referred to as the Air and Anti-Air Force Command in South Korean documents—is not in the top ranks of the world’s air forces. However, the North Korean forces are fanatically devoted to Kim Jong-Un and the Kim regime—which more resembles a Confucian monarchy with...

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  • Fox’s Sean Hannity urges Trump to use ‘full force’ of America’s military to retaliate against Iran

    Fox News host Sean Hannity urged President Donald Trump to use “the full force” of America’s military to retaliate against Iran after it launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles targeting U.S. military and coalition forces in Iraq on Tuesday. This article was originally published at Salon After saying that he had spoken to a high-ranking [
  • Would Trump Dare 'Soleimani' North Korea?

    Daniel R. DePetris Security, Asia If tensions between the United States and North Korea bubbled up to the surface circa 2017, would Trump consider the option to take out a member of the North’s senior military or political leadership? Would one of those targets be Kim Jong-un himself? The missile strike happened in the dead of night, when millions of Iraqis were either sleeping or retiring for the evening. The plane carrying Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani touched down at Baghdad...

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  • North Korea Is Not Done Trolling Trump

    Kim Jong-un just restarted his dance of death with America.
  • Has North Korea Given Up on a Deal with Donald Trump?

    Ramon Pacheco Pardo Security, Even though North Korea might not conduct an ICBM test in the near future, never mind a nuclear test, it has put Trump on alert. Without a deal, Pyongyang does not feel bound by previous promises. If China, and Russia, signal that an ICBM test will not result in a new round of UNSC sanctions, North Korea might feel emboldened to go ahead. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s message at the Korea Workers’ Party plenum included a welcome memo for President Donald...

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  • North Korea's Kim calls for 'military countermeasures'

    Kim calls for measures to rebuild its economy and "diplomatic and military countermeasures for firmly preserving the nation's sovereignty and security".

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