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  • What Bags Are On Your 2020 Wish List?

    Just like that, a new year is upon us, and the end of 2019 is a little more significant, as the start of the new year marks a new, fresh decade. With that, I’m confident we will see a crop of inventive trends; and similar to this past year, I’m sure it will include a healthy mix of newcomers and revivals. On the flip side, a new year (and decade!) bring the opportunity for controversy and potential price increases. I’m interested in seeing how luxury handbags will evolve over the next decade,...
  • A 2020 national security wish list

    America is never as solipsistic as it is in election years. This one will be no exception because Congress, the media and public debate will be almost totally dominated by election news and the Democrats’ impeachment melodrama. We need to shake off that self-hypnosis to consider what can and should

    The Washington Times
  • 10 fitness trends to try in 2020

    You can pedal and sculpt, or practice yoga, and/or be underwater with the number of spin fusion classes available. | Jumpstart your fitness plans with everything from in-water spinning to trampolines. It’s not the most original New Year’s resolution, but that doesn’t make it a bad one. Resolving to work out more is a noble goal made by people trying to better themselves. Unfortunately, it also tends to become next year’s resolution when it doesn’t stick the first time...

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • These are the top 10 trending destinations for 2020, according to Google

    Are you heading to one of these hotspots next year?

    The Independent