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  • The OnePlus Nord Could Be OnePlus' Big Return to Affordability

    When the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro launched earlier this year at $US700 ($1,016) and $US900 ($1,306), it sort of felt like OnePlus had given up on making speedy and relatively inexpensive phones in order to cater to mainstream buyers. But with the new OnePlus Nord, it appears OnePlus

    Gizmodo Australia
  • Network Utility Deprecated in macOS Big Sur

    Apple has deprecated its long-standing Network Utility app in macOS Big Sur, with the app no longer functioning in the first developer beta. Network Utility provided information and troubleshooting tools to help users check their network connection, view routing tables, trace network traffic paths, check for open TCP ports, and more. Since the release of macOS Mojave, the app had been rather hidden under System > Library > CoreServices > Applications. Network Utility's...

  • LSU official: Football player quarantines were anticipated

    LSU has begun asking a number of football players to self-quarantine in the past week because of instances in which some players tested positive for COVID-19 after social interactions outside of the Tigers’ training facility. “This is what we anticipated. We planned for this. Our plan is working the way

    The Washington Times