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  • Massive GTA 6 Leak Revealed by a Reportedly Rockstar Games Tester

    With high expectation still developing for still unannounced GTA 6, an individual who claimed he had been a QA tester for Rockstar has revealed a lengthy, even questionable, leak, with piles of obvious information on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto (GTA). As of December 2019, there is no hint at all that Rockstar is even in the process of launching GTA 6.

    Tech Times
  • PlayStation 5: Developers find it easy to program for hardware, which is great news for fans

    In a recent interview with Dengeki Online, Ex PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida reveals great news related to the PlayStation 5.

    International Business Times UK
  • Sony's PlayStation wrap-up reveals your top games of 2019

    PlayStation has started sending out its year-end wrap-up reports, and they may bring back fond memories of the time you spent playing your favorite games last year. The report will tell you how many titles you've played in 2019, along with a list of

  • Netflix just struck a deal that's great news for Studio Ghibli fans

    We've got good news and bad news for you, Studio Ghibli fans, and that's largely going to depend on where you live. The reason? Netflix has picked up the exclusive rights to show Hayao Miyazaki's epic library of movies, in every territory world-wide except North America and Japan (sorry, guys — if you're in the U.S. you can still watch them on HBO Max, though.) For those of us Netflix subscribers who are based internationally, that's a whopping 21 new movies – from the ridiculously beautiful,...