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  • Rep. Waltz on Lincoln statue being targeted: Cancel culture has become 'ignorant culture'

    Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., said Friday that "cancel culture has become ignorant culture," reacting to protesters who gathered in Washington, D.C. to rally against a statue of Abraham Lincoln commemorating emancipation.

    Fox News
  • 'Cancel Culture' Still Isn't Real

    Earlier in June, a conservative journalist named Fiona Moriarity-McLaughlin faced the wrath of Twitter after a video of her seemingly asking a man boarding up a storefront in Santa Monica if she could hold his drill for a photo went viral. It was shared by celebrities including Ava DuVernay and Lebron James, and Moriarity-McLaughlin was doxxed after her full name, home address, and phone number were posted on social media.

  • On Cancel Culture and Civil Liberties

    There have been a series of recent incidents in which individuals who offended one or more members of the far left have been "canceled," i.e., social media mobs have attacked them until they lost their livelihoods. On a scale of egregiousness, let's say it ranges from James Bennett of the New York Times, forced to resign for publishing a controversial op-ed by a U.S. Senator,  as a "1" to Emmanuel Cafferty, a Mexican-American blue collar worker who lost his "dream job" after a Twitter...