Underclassmen thriving at the point in college basketball

The Washington Times -

The Washington Times—Iowa State’s Tyrese Haliburton knows well the challenges that face young point guards in college basketball. The best ones are often so in sync with their coaches that they know exactly the right call without hearing it from the sideline. Building that connection takes time for young players as

Cassius Winston is everything a college basketball point guard is supposed to be. SB Nation Illustration Cassius Winston is a living legend. There’s a sleepy-eyed beauty to Cassius Winston’s game that feels like it could have existed in any era of college basketball. When loading up the superlatives that are typically associated with the sport’s best player, it’s almost easier to start with what Winston is not. He is not a one-and-done freshman using college like a gap year before jumping to the pros. He is not big, or fast, or long. He has never dunked in a game for the...