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  • Only Six Weeks to Eliminate Coronavirus in the US? Sure.

    From We Can Eliminate Covid-19 if We Want To by Andy Slavitt: We can virtually eliminate the virus any time we decide to. We can be back to a reasonably normal existence: schools, travel, job growth, safer nursing homes and other settings. And we could do it in a matter of weeks. If we want to. Take New Zealand. With its fancy curve and life back to normal. Why can’t we? Not fair, you say. It’s an island nation. Okay. What about Germany? Not an island nation, large, growing diversity. Don’t...
  • Rightwing launches disgusting attack on “pedophile” gay lawmaker over equality legislation

    A gay lawmaker in California has been targeted by rightwing media as part of what they believe is a pedophile conspiracy because he introduced a bill to treat LGBTQ sex [
  • 'Most Deranged I’ve Ever Seen': Critics Rip Trump's 'Desperate' Attack On Biden

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  • Bernie Sanders-linked congressional candidate’s shocking anti-LGBTQ social media posts exposed

    Democrat Albert Chester, a candidate in Florida’s 5th congressional district primary race is drawing fire after numerous anti-LGBTQ posts on social media were unearthed by local progressive activists. The vile [