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  • Iran Sanctions Expert: Trump Administration In Crisis Of Its Own Making

    Matthew Petti Security, Middle East It’s impossible to ignore the effect of sanctions on the coronavirus pandemic, and Europe is not pleased. Europe just called the Trump administration’s bluff. The Trump administration has pursued a policy of “super maximum economic pressure” aimed at bringing the Iranian government to its knees for nearly two years now. The European Union created INSTEX, a company meant to avoid U.S. banking sanctions by trading food and medical supplies in Iranian rials, in...

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  • Did the Trump Administration Just Throw Iran a Coronavirus Lifeline?

    Matthew Petti Security, Iran is finally implementing a costly lockdown after its central bank said it could access billions of frozen dollars. The Central Bank of Iran is expecting foreign countries to release Iranian assets that had been frozen due to U.S. sanctions, in order to help the country deal with an escalating novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. U.S. sanctions have held up billions of dollars of Iran’s money in foreign bank accounts. But the coronavirus crisis, which has...

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  • Trump administration tells states to step up as governors plead for aid

    The surgeon general says states need to be “Rosie The Riveter” as the country prepares for a crisis resembling World War II.