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  • Christopher Preble Says Killing Soleimani Didn't Make America Safer

    In early January, the United States took out Iran's top military leader, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, as he passed through Iraq. President Donald Trump's decision to order the killing of a foreign government official was controversial both at home and abroad. Is Trump charting a bold new course in the Middle East or following the failed footsteps of Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush? A day before Iran responded to the killing with a bombing campaign against two U.S. military bases in the...
  • Bomb disrupts funeral for 25 Sikhs killed in Afghan capital

    An explosive device has disrupted a funeral service for 25 members of Afghanistan's Sikh minority community

    ABC News
  • Danes charge man in plot to kill Iranian opposition member

    A prosecutor says a 40-year-old Norwegian citizen of Iranian descent has been charged with helping an unnamed Iranian intelligence service carry out a plot on Danish soil to kill an Iranian opposition activist

    ABC News