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  • Revolut lands in the United States

    Revolut is a financial service that is highly popular in Europe with over 10 million users but hasn't seen much use outside the Old Continent, until now. Starting today, the platform is finally officially available in the United States, completing the beta test that started in June 2019 and featured 60,000 users. Now American customers can use its banking services and technologies. Revolut's partner in the USA is the New York-based Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Revolut is one of a...
  • The United States Needs a ‘Smart Quarantine’

    Evidence from around the world shows that stay-at-home orders take us only so far.
  • April Could Be Coronavirus Hell in the United States

    Hunter DeRensis Health, The death rate in the U.S. stands at over 2,500 people. Morgues in New York City are already reaching capacity, with refrigerator trucks being brought to hospitals to preserve the bodies. The first positive case of the coronavirus in the United States was confirmed on January 20, 2020. At the beginning this month, that had turned into less than a hundred cases. But over the course of March, these tiny outbreaks have multiplied over a thousand times, reaching the...

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