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  • This Was the U.S. Navy's Very First Battleship

    Robert Farley Security, Americas Meet the USS Oregon. The USS Oregon was the third ship of the Indiana class, the first true battleships constructed by the United States Navy (USN). Oregon was the second warship of the name to serve in the USN (the first was a brig that played primarily an exploratory role), although CSS Oregon was a blockade runner and river gunboat for the Confederate Navy during the Civil War. In the 1890s and 1900s, the U.S. Navy used state names for both battleships and...

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  • Why the U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Showdown Simply Won't End

    Daniel R. DePetris Security, Both sides are unwilling or unable to explore bold moves that would move the negotiation forward, and neither is willing to run the political risk of being the first to budge from its entrenched position. On March 21, Kim Yo-jong—North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s sister and senior policy adviser—broke the news that President Donald Trump sent a personal letter to her older brother about the prospect of cooperating against the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the...

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  • This Is The Real Reason North Korea Bought Smuggled U.S. Helicopters

    Sebastien Roblin History, Asia North Korea had a plan. Key point: It seems that North Korea likely acquired the MD 500s so it could use them to infiltrate across the demilitarized zone with South Korean markings, conducting surprise raids and inserting spies and saboteurs. On July 27, 2013, as a column of armored personnel carriers and tanks rumbled before the stand of Kim Jong-un to commemorate the end of a bloody war with the United States sixty years earlier, four small American-made MD...

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  • Sunday Live: Chinese Psy-Op Weapon Cripples U.S. Economy, Panicked Trump Injects $4 Trillion Into U.S.

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  • The Coronavirus Is Making U.S.-North Korea-South Korean Relations Worse

    Sung-han Kim Security, Asia Can a solution be found? COVID-19 has awakened the importance of “human security” as it is threatening human health and safety around the world. National security involving traditional concepts such as military threats to territorial integrity and strategic challenges for national sovereignty, in contrast, appears to be sidelined for the moment. North Korea has thus conducted short-range missile tests three times this March alone with a view to holding U.S....

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  • North Korea Says Pompeo Made It Lose All Interest in Dialogue With U.S.

    Accusing the secretary of state of slander, the North says he is going against President Trump’s will.
  • U.S., Seoul call on North Korea to stop ‘inappropriate’ missile tests

    North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles towards the East Sea on Saturday, according to the South Korean military, in a move that highlights the country's continuing military expansion amid a global health pandemic. The U.S. and South Korea have said they are looking into the launches and called on

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