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    Both globally and in the US, the payments ecosystem is evolving. Two related trends: the slow death of cash and the fast rise of digital payments, are transforming how consumers, businesses, governments, and even criminals move money. Annual global non-cash transactions are expected to pass the 1 trillion milestone by 2024. This major transformation is being propelled by several factors, including increased usage of digital wallets, more small vendors adapting to accept credit cards, and the...
  • Only Six Weeks to Eliminate Coronavirus in the US? Sure.

    From We Can Eliminate Covid-19 if We Want To by Andy Slavitt: We can virtually eliminate the virus any time we decide to. We can be back to a reasonably normal existence: schools, travel, job growth, safer nursing homes and other settings. And we could do it in a matter of weeks. If we want to. Take New Zealand. With its fancy curve and life back to normal. Why can’t we? Not fair, you say. It’s an island nation. Okay. What about Germany? Not an island nation, large, growing diversity. Don’t...
  • Mandatory Mask Use Could Have Saved 40,000 Lives in US, Study Says

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  • The US’s militarized and nationalist response to 9/11 has accelerated the decline of the American empire.

    Donald Trump visits Aston, PA on September 22, 2016.