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  • Donald Trump is going to have a big Donald Trump problem in November

    Donald Trump and his advisors believe that “his reelection hopes hinge almost entirely on his ability to manage” the coronavirus crisis, according to Politico. “While they acknowledge his initial response was lacking and that the virus poses a mortal threat to his 2020 prospects, they foresee a possible silver lining. If the virus passes and [
  • Donald Trump Says We Have to Get Back to Work ... Quick

    This may be the scariest news conference about the coronavirus to date, because Donald Trump has all but said he is going to do what he can to break the mandatory quarantines and get people back to work, and he says it will happen "quickly." His

  • Iran Admiral Hits out at Donald Trump: 'More Dangerous than Coronavirus'

    A senior Iranian on Sunday called U.S. President Donald Trump "more dangerous than coronavirus," saying moves to block an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan reaching Iran was tantamount to crimes against humanity.

  • Iran hits back after Trump claims it is planning Iraq attacks

    US president accuses Tehran or its proxies of planning ‘sneak’ assault on US bases Iran’s military and diplomatic leadership has hit back at Donald Trump’s claims that its proxies were planning a sneak attack on US bases in Iraq, claiming Tehran only ever acts in self-defence and has no proxies in Iraq, only allies. The US and Iran are already at loggerheads over the impact of US sanctions on Tehran’s ability to fight the coronavirus pandemic, and the threat of a military attack on the US is...

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  • Donald Trump Offered to Help North Korea on Coronavirus. Why Not Iran?

    Ted Galen Carpenter Security, U.S. policy toward both North Korea and Iran leaves great room for improvement. Trump’s outreach to Pyongyang was a constructive gesture, but it needs to be accompanied by the easing of sanctions. Washington’s entire attitude toward Tehran is even worse. The coronavirus outbreak has already had effects that go far beyond public health issues. It has impacted Washington’s relations with numerous countries, adversaries and allies alike.  Nowhere is that more...

    The National Interest
  • Donald Trump doubles down on his claim masks are 'going out the back door' of hospitals

    President Donald Trump suggested there may be thousands of surgical masks going 'out the back door,' although he didn't provide evidence for his claim.

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  • Did a New York Times article inspire Trump's 'back to work' plan?

    A New York Times piece by a diet specialist appears to have informed Trump’s idea to open up the country by Easter At the start of this week, as millions were following US government advice to combat the coronavirus pandemic by physical distancing and staying indoors, Donald Trump abruptly declared that people needed to soon return to work. Related: Coronavirus US live: Pelosi says stimulus will pass but Congress is 'not doing enough' Continue reading

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