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  • Biden says his administration could help grow 'bench' for Democrats

    Former Vice President Joe Biden said he could fill his administration with younger people to try to build a "bench" for the Democratic Party.Biden said during a virtual fundraiser Friday night that he has had conve

  • Biden Says It's 'Hard To Envision' Democratic Convention As Planned

    So far, neither major party has announced changes to their plans to hold traditional conventions this summer, despite ongoing public health restrictions on large gatherings.
  • Biden Says Democrats May Need To Hold Virtual Convention

    Biden Says Democrats May Need To Hold Virtual Convention Joe Biden says that the Democratic National Convention may need to be held virtually. In a Friday interview with ABC's "This Week," the 2020 Democratic frontrunner said that the convention is "necessary," but may not be feasible as it would require bringing thousands of people together in one location during a pandemic, according to The Hill. "Well, we’re gonna have to do a convention," said Biden. "We may have to do a...

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