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  • Scammers are creating Netflix lookalikes to target people staying at home, study finds

    More than 30,103 new coronavirus-related domains were registered in the past two weeks. The number posing as Netflix doubled. Zoom is also a favorite.

  • Speech recognition systems have higher error rates for black people, study finds

    No, you're not just imagining it. Speech recognition systems developed by the likes of Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, and Microsoft all have higher error rates when transcribing speech from black people than when doing so for white people.  So finds a study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which notes that the increased prevalence of these systems in modern day life risks enshrining a new form of digital discrimination unless action is taken.  "Automated...

  • Humans living in Amazon 10,000 years ago cultivated plants, study finds

    Findings from Bolivia show plants were domesticated in region shortly after last ice age The Amazon basin was a hotspot for the early cultivation of plants, with inhabitants having munched on squash and cassava more than 10,000 years ago, researchers have revealed. The team say the new findings from Bolivia offer direct evidence such plants were grown in south-west Amazonia, meaning the region has a claim to join the Middle East, China, south-west Mexico and north-west South America as locations...

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