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  • Star Trek: Progressive, Sexist, or Both?

    For io9, Eleanor Tremeer digs into the complex and sexist legacy in Star Trek’s progressive universe. From Uhuru on, Star Trek has always pushed the boundaries of how women were portrayed on TV, particularly in science fiction, but in some aspects, the shows have also been undeniably sexist. With Yar gone, the women of The Next Generation fit more snugly into classic feminine molds, as Marina Sirtis reminisces. “They got it right, they cast a woman as the security chief. But Denise left, and...
  • Star Critic of Big Tech Has Side Gig Working for AMAZONAPPLE...

    Star Critic of Big Tech Has Side Gig Working for AMAZONAPPLE
  • Barbados welcomes gay couples to apply for visa to work remotely from the island

    Barbados wants visitors to return to the country. To help achieve this, the Caribbean nation has introduced a new visa to allow people to stay and work remotely for up [