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  • America Needs Stronger Political Parties

    Party bosses used to stabilize primaries and keep hyperpartisanship at bay. No longer. The post America Needs Stronger Political Parties appeared first on The American Conservative.

    The American Conservative
  • These Clunkers Prove That Not Everyone Needs Aircraft Carriers

    David Axe Security, Not everyone can build them. Key Point: For every well-built carrier, there are many more that have failed. Imposing, flexible, able to sail fast and launch devastating air strikes at long range, aircraft carriers are the ultimate expression of national power. And many of the world’s best-armed countries are acquiring them. China, Russia, India, Brazil, the U.K., France, America. But just getting your hands on a flattop is hardly enough. For every example of a country that...

    The National Interest
  • The working from home wardrobe rules EVERYONE needs

    Professional stylist Susie Hasler, of UK and online styling firm Styled By Susie, has revealed the wardrobe rules everyone needs to follow while working from home.

    Mail Online
  • If we want to beat coronavirus, we need housing for everyone

    As infection rates of the new coronavirus in the United States mount, the pandemic has upended daily life around the world, causing soaring unemployment, school and business closures, and forcing the governors of New York and California to order everyone but essential workers indoors. The Trump administration has been criticized for its response, which included first downplaying [

    Mother Jones