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  • Make good on that New Year's resolution to read more with these apps and speed reading techniques

    If you're looking to read more in 2020, you probably wish you had more time to get that done. Well, we can't create more hours in the day (we're mad about it too), but we can help you maximize those hours. Catch up on that book list and get ahead of the game when you utilize these apps and speed reading techniques that are on sale for the holiday. SumizeIt Book Summaries: Lifetime Membership Featuring 5-minute, easy-to-digest, non-fiction book summaries, SumizeIt will help you tackle all those...

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  • The Good News Is That We Probably Won't Elect a Socialist. The Bad News Is That We Already Have, Many Times.

    So Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) has won the New Hampshire primary, after coming in an oh-so-close second place in the Iowa caucuses last week (where he actually won more total votes en route to silver than the declared winner). The bad news for him comes from a new Gallup poll asking whether Americans would vote for various types of candidates, including black ones, Jewish ones, female ones, ones over the age of 70, and more. Gallup finds: Just one group tested—socialists—receives majority...
  • And Now for Some Good News (About Wine)

    The world is objectively bad right now. It’s February, the pit-iest pit of winter. We’re in the middle of a merciless election cycle. Border Patrol agents are about to flood sanctuary cities. Antarctica is melting. There will be no Fleabag season 3. Things feel pretty hopeless. On the bright side, apparently it’s now slightly cheaper to drink some of that hopelessness away.

  • It’s not crazy to think these Mets are good

    There were times during the baseball winter when it seemed as if the Mets were making the headlines when the Astros weren’t, even though the only sign they wanted to talk about was the one with Mike Piazza’s name on it outside their spring training home in Port St. Lucie. They hired Carlos Beltran,