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  • Fox News warns Fox News about spreading pro-Trump 'disinformation' on Ukraine

    An internal report from the Fox News research department warns that several prominent Fox News guests, aided sometimes by omissions from Sean Hannity, have spread 'disinformation' about Ukraine. The briefing, written by senior political affairs specialist Bryan S. Murphy and titled 'Ukraine, Disinformation, and the Trump Administration,' was first disclosed in a series of tweets from former Fox News freelancer Marcus DiPaola, then obtained in full by The Daily Beast. Murphy compiles reports for...

  • New Poll About Impeachment Is Great News for Trump, But Pretty Bad for Democrats

    Have Democrats learned anything?
  • Fox News warns Fox News that Fox News experts are liars, as it continues to help them lie

    Contrary to popular belief, Fox News is more than just an echo chamber for Donald Trump. Because sometimes Donald Trump is an echo chamber for Fox News. But what’s absolutely certain is that Fox News is not an outlet that anyone should trust when looking for a source of factual, reliable news or analysis. That’s not just the opinion of everyone who has ever bothered to look away from the & Friends couch; it’s also the opinion of the people inside Fox News. As revealed by a series of internal...
  • President Donald Trump To Fox News Host Sean Hannity: Impeachment? “It’s Been Unfair”

    In a Super Bowl exclusive, President Donald Trump sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity for a discussion on where things stand. The interview took place before the Friday vote on witnesses in his Senate impeachment trial that all but assured his acquittal. The Hannity interview contained little surprises, focusing on the impeachment, the [