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  • Kanye West reminisces about Kobe Bryant as he brings Sunday Service to Miami for Super Bowl Sunday

    West and his Sunday Service Choir launched into his single All Day, as he told the audience: 'I asked [Kobe] what he thought about this song, and his only response was "theme music."'

    Mail Online
  • Virus politics

    I almost got into a fight with a guy on the bus this evening because I was so transfixed on the boldface headline of the Evening Standard tabloid “All China Visitors ‘Could Face UK Ban’,” that I picked it up from the seat next to him across the aisle.
  • I'll date you if you change your politics

    They say you should never talk politics on a first date, but being "wrong" on an issue probably won't be a deal breaker. Differing opinions on climate change and immigration, for example, would rule out a potential relationship for just 15% or less of the population.

    Washington Examiner