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  • A Harvard Business School professor on how companies like Google and Amazon use experimentation to innovate, grow, and improve

    Stefan H. Thomke is the William Barclay Harding professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. The following is an excerpt from his book, "EXPERIMENTATION WORKS: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments." In it, he writes best practices in business experimentation and illustrates how these practices work at leading companies, including Amazon, Google, and Nike. The scientific method helps businesses determine what works and what doesn't, ultimately producing valuable...

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  • Four Lessons The Redskins Can Learn From Super Bowl LIV

    Four lessons the Redskins can learn from Super Bowl LIV include using a coach-centered approach, having a strong tight end and staying away from a conservative style of play. Oh, and also create a culture that resembles a family.

  • 5 lessons on jealousy and romance that couples can learn from their friends in non-monogamous relationships

    Dougal Waters/Getty Images About one in five Americans have engaged in some sort of consensual non-monogamy, or CNM, in their lifetimes — it's about as common as owning a cat, researchers say. The ways that CNM emphasizes communication can be instructive for singles as well as people in other kinds of relationships.  The process of differentiation — or knowing who you are and how you're different from your partner — is another big factor in CNM that can help just about everyone.  Visit Business...

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  • Students: We demand the school sell its stock in fossil fuels. Professor: I can't do that, but I'll turn off the gas heating for you.

    A professor at St. John's College, Oxford University, just taught student protesters an invaluable lesson in personal sacrifice. According to the school newspaper, Oxford students have been occupying St. John's College since Wednesday in protest of the school's investments in fossil fuels. Dozens of students have reportedly set up camp in the front quad with signs and banners, vowing to remain until their demands are met. Amid the protesting, professor Andrew Parker, also a manager of the...