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  • The United States of Anxiety

    There’s one thing that unites voters across the political chasm separating Bernie Sanders from Donald Trump: They’re all deeply unsettled by the present state of affairs in America.

  • The United States is not doing better under Trump

    Hugh Hewitt delivered a false narrative regarding the “growing list of achievements” by the Trump administration in his Feb. 2 op-ed, “

    Washington Post
  • United States in talks with Huawei rivals

    The White House plans to hold a conference with Huawei Technologies Co. rivals to try to accelerate development of affordable competing 5G wireless technology.

  • RANKED: The most inclusive companies in the United States

    There is an index that ranks the world's most diverse and inclusive companies, based on data such as diversity of its board and whether the company provides child care.  Companies that are more diverse are more likely to see higher productivity and profitability, MIT research has found. Here are the seven most diverse and inclusive companies headquartered in the US, including HP and Gap. Click here for more BI Prime content. Figuring out which companies are the most diverse doesn't have to be a...

    Business Insider