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  • Day 12 without sports: Virtual sports are better than no sports at all

    Whether we like it or not, Sunday may have given us a glimpse into the future of televised sports.CBS showed some classic March Madness games over the weekend to help viewers get their Basketball Jones, but as great as those games were

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  • Online sports betting: is it legal and how does it work?

    Sports betting doesn't have to be complex - keep reading to find out how widely available it is online and so easy to set up.

  • How the coronavirus is rocking advertising, PR, and sports betting

    Hello and welcome to the Advertising & Media Insider newsletter, where we spotlight the week's top ad and media stories. First, I'm excited to announce our newest team member, Sean Czarnecki, who will help build out our coverage of the PR industry. He joins us from PR Week so he's a seasoned reporter on the beat and is already off to the races — working from the safety of home, of course. Send him tips here.  Coronavirus is rocking advertising, PR, and media buying So here we are in Week 2...

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