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  • Shaping the rings of molecules

    Macrocycles are molecules made of large rings of atoms. Despite being relatively big and flexible, the molecules don't always stay "floppy"—they can actually lock themselves into specific shapes and geometries.
  • What can we do to save football?

    In the second part of his investigation into the health of the modern game, Miguel Delaney asks what can be done to counter the growing financial and competitive imbalance of the sport

    The Independent
  • XFL Football At A Glance

    ___ DC 31, Seattle 19 Houston 37, Los Angeles 17 New York 23, Tampa Bay 3 St. Louis at Dallas, 5 p.m. New York at DC, 2 p.m. Tampa Bay at Seattle, 5 p.m. Dallas at Los Angeles, 3 p.m. St.